The Woman and the Butterfly: A Journey of the Heart
The Woman and the Butterfly: A Journey of the Heart


Inspired by an image of a broom and a butterfly with a broken wing, The Woman and the Butterfly is an allegorical and colorfully illustrated narrative of a woman’s journey into her heart and the stages she passes through on her way to self-discovery.

One day while sweeping her floor, a woman happens upon a beautiful butterfly with a broken wing. Read more

Maire B. Estar

About Maire B. Estar

Maire Estar was born and raised in a small town in eastern Nebraska. Several factors, including the suburbanization of the rural area in which she lived, her father’s near fatal automobile accident, and a general feeling of discontentment, led her, at age 33, to leave the Midwest and begin a search for ‘more’. What began as an outer search eventually became an inner one. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

There once was a woman who lived by herself in a cottage in the woods. Read more

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